Our Ecom Smith's Amazon Expert VA has successfully completed VAA’s month-long Amazon training course, gaining thorough knowledge of all the daily operational needs of an Amazon business and familiarity with Seller Central. Ecom Smith's Expert VAs are trained to help you accelerate your business, by managing all Amazon-related tasks, including customer service, emails, feedback, reviews and refunds. They also handle a wide range of product listings and inventory management tasks, including creating and uploading of product listings, monitoring of daily lists, tracking inventory, product sourcing, handling of suppliers, and searching for new products.
Other tasks regularly managed by our Expert VAs include monitoring and research of competitors, and management of all necessary communications with Amazon regarding open cases.
Our Ecom Smith's Amazon Expert VAs are comprehensively trained in Amazon seller operations, so they are equipped to manage the daily technical and administrative tasks, leaving you free to focus on promoting and growing your business.
Ecom Smith's Amazon virtual assistants come with an array of all useful skills and underwent intensive trainings on regular basis to keep them updated with platform. This means that we got your needs covered in these following tasks:
 Daily Seller Central Account Duties help you exceed Amazon standards through the management of core Seller Central Account metrics. Our experienced Amazon seller VA knows how to handle day-to-day Seller Central tasks.
Customer Service Duties performed by an Amazon seller VA include answering questions of your Amazon customers, solving service issues and up selling products.
Web research performed by a virtual assistant will give your vital insights into products trends, products your Amazon competitors are selling and ways you can improve your Amazon strategy.
Promotional Campaign Duties performed by an Amazon Seller VA incorporates setting up and dealing with different Amazon campaigns. This is a key piece of Amazon achievement.
We understand that Amazon is a progressive platform. This is why we make sure that all our Amazon seller VA’s are in the loop of the latest updates on Amazon. That is on top of the initial Seller Central training they get upon joining Ecom Smith VA Services.
Also, we understand that each brand has unique needs. This is why we can work out unique training modules for your VAs. This way, you don’t have to do the training yourself.
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