All of our Brand Ambassadors are hand-picked. Unfortunately, we are very picky for our ambassadors so If you have not been approached you either are not a good fit for us or you have not been discovered yet.

Ambassadors Requirements:

    • Be passionate about sales and client dealing culture and should have previous experience of it.
    •  As an ambassador, you are 100% required to find suitable clients who are keen and are interested in our model of work. We do not want people that just want to take advantage of our Brand and our offers solely for them to gain fame or the other perks we provide.
    • Be able to spread the word out.
    •  As an Ambassador, you must be able to spread the word out for our brand and mainly our goal as a brand. Our brand's goal is to help as many Business Owners worldwide as possible through an automated source of cash flow from our system. We do not want people that keep the offers they receive for themselves without sharing. Sharing includes anything from a simple Instagram story featuring our brand to organizing events in your neighborhood in order to raise money( Brilliant Idea but we can not force you to do that much).

    However, there are things that don't matter when we choose our Ambassadors. A few of those are:

    • Media Reach
      • Small or Large Followings don't have any influence whether you will be picked or not.
    • Gender
      • All genders are equally accepted. We do not agree with sexism nor we promote it. Whichever your gender is, you are more than welcome to represent our Brand.
    • Age
      • Whether you are a kid, teenager, adult or an elder, if you think you will be a great fit, you are more than welcome to become our Ambassador.


    Below are the things you need to do on a monthly basis plus some tips on how to be better for us.

    1. Spread our brand's vision with people that share the same point of view and could be interested into supporting our cause.
    2. Share our brand's vision with your followers on any social media platform. For example, let's say that you have a small YouTube channel with 100 subscribers. You can create a video either sharing our brand's vision and why you chose to support us or, if you got an item from us, you can review this item and tell the world if you like it or not. You can do this once a month.


    Our ambassador program rewards our representatives based on the quality of the work they put. Meaning, every time someone you referred to us through your exclusive link, the value of the sale will be added to your profile. Every time this value goes to certain mark which is decided on monthly basis, you will be rewarded with a some extra benefits other that your commisions! More perks will be available in the future.


    If so, APPLY HERE!

    NOTE: After registering you will be provided with a Reference ID, which you have to put while you get clients to register themselves.

    Reference ID will be mentioned in COUPONCODE Section of the portal. Reference ID is not referral code that you see on portal. Your Reference ID is in Coupon code section that will be uploaded later by operators

    Without Reference ID your referral will not be considered if your client is registered. So make sure your client uses the referal code while scheduling an appointment 

    Reference ID will get uploaded within 2 days after registering as an affiliate

    Ask your client to use your referral so they will be rewarded with discounts.


    We are thrilled to have you with us in our journey!

    Make sure to add in the comments why you are a good fit!